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Surgical Dermatology

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Surgical Dermatology

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Surgical Dermatology Services

Surgical dermatology is a subspecialty of dermatology that manages skin conditions through surgical procedures, involving either the superficial layers of the skin or the underlying layers of muscle or fat below. The physicians at Cumberland Skin regularly perform dermatologic surgery giving them the knowledge and experience you can trust. Many of our providers also have advanced training in specific areas such as Mohs surgery, reconstructive and laser surgery.

Conditions on the surface of the skin may be treated with different forms of dermatologic surgical procedures where your doctor may choose to remove them by shaving or snipping them off, by destroying them with a cold spray of liquid nitrogen or through lasers, or through electrical destruction with special instruments. This may likely be the case with benign problems such as moles, age spots, skin tags, or even cancerous conditions confined to only the upper layer of skin.

For conditions within the deeper layers of the skin, surgical excision may be utilized to cut out a growth and the resulting wound closed with sutures. Benign growths that may require excision are cysts, certain moles, birthmarks, fatty tumors, and skin cancers, including malignant melanomas.

Another form of dermatologic surgery includes reconstructive plastic surgery following the removal of skin cancer with Mohs surgery, along with routine cosmetic surgery, such as Botox and cosmetic fillers, and laser surgery to treat the effects of aging, sun damage, unwanted hair, leg veins, acne scars and more.

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